The Last Honest Tech was founded in 2010 under various names. It has been because of such great aspiration, to present the world with TLHT.
Our goal is to provide quality services and market breaking prices.
Our technicians have a rich computer and construction background; Which gives us the experience and ability to work efficiently and methodically.
5 Star Rating on Amazon
TV Wall Mounting - 51-65 inches, Cords Concealed In Wall.
Dustin was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you
- David C. Brown on January 28, 2018
5 Star Rating on Amazon
TV Wall Mounting - 51-65 inches.
Dustin was an excellent professional. Quick, knowledgeable and helpful. Would highly recommend him.
- Adam on December 03, 2017
5 Star Rating on Amazon
Patio Heater Assembly
Dustin did a masterful job putting our patio heater together. He was on time, worked quickly, and double-checked to make sure that it was in working order. He even took the time to see that I could make it work myself. Well worth the money!
- Amazon Customer on November 03, 2017
5 Star Rating on Amazon
Grill Assembly - 2 or 3 burners
Dustin is a great guy. Very knowledgeable. He was right on time, called before he came, explained everything. He was friendly and courteous. I wish all of our technicians were this nice.
- Stacy Allegro on October 29, 2017
5 Star Rating on Handy
Dustin was great help assembling a massive play structure. He was very dedicated and did what needed to be done to get it finished.
December 2017 - North Bay (SF), CA
5 Star Rating on Handy
Our Handy man was on time, worked swiftly, and communicated well. We were happy.
January 2018 - North Bay (SF), CA
5 Star Rating on Handy
Dustin did a great job putting a crib and dressers together for us. Very friendly and would defiantly use again!
March 2018 - Napa Solano, CA
5 Star Rating on Handy
Dustin was professional, friendly, and punctual. Love the swing set he put together for us. Would highly recommend him.
April 2018 - Napa Solano, CA


We offer a wide range of handyman and computer services. With outside the box standards of thinking there is almost no limit to what we can do. Just ask one of our technicians and we will stop at nothing to find the results you are looking for.
With TLHT, we want our clients to have direct communication with their technician at all times. We make sure that you always have the same technician so you don't have to repeat yourself.
For your data protection needs our experts are read to help you.
We can work around your availability. Just tell us where and when, we'll see you then.
With TLHT you don't have to worry about unplugging your computer and bringing into our shop. We will come to you whether your at home or your office.



$25 for each additional computer.

Virus Removal

$45 for each additional computer.

Hourly Rate

For all odd jobs


Servicing customers in the San Francisco Bay Area
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